Making of Chain Horse Vest

Hi everyone!

Now We Have ready a horse vest style as a way to fit your baby boys very well.

Let’s get started knitting this really easy model!


Himalaya On A Regular Basis Bebe Lux Blue (70411) colour hand knitting thread3.FIVE mm skewer4 buttonsBowle needle



1) We Begin by throwing 3 loops.

2) We knit 2 rows of harosa knitting.

THREE) Loop through making secret increase from proper and left. we’re increasing. We knit on the again without any build up. Whilst it involves the front facet, we increase 2 extra stitches from the correct and left parts. Therefore, the collection of stitches increases through 2 in each 2 rows. We continue by way of increasing till there are 37 loops within the form of 3, FIVE, 7, 9.

WE CAN proceed to extend in line with the age we will be able to knit.

4) After the will increase are over We knit 2 rows of harosha and open our first buttonhole underneath. To open the buttonhole, we minimize 1 stitch and increase 1 sew within the similar row once more. While proceeding to knit, we knit 9 loops directly within the heart. We knit FIVE rows on this manner and begin putting our chain model. at the back side, we knit the harosha parts as harosha and the flat parts in reverse. We make buttonholes for a total of 4 buttons.

5) After completing the sequence, we divide the 9 loops within the heart into 3 and knit the 3 loops in the center via 11 rows straight. We make a twirl type via converting the loops left and right on the skewer. the rest ELEVEN rows within the middle are knitted, and we proceed to knit 3 loops, in order that the first chain trend is formed. we weave. After completing ELEVEN rows, we divide the 9 flat loops in the middle again into 3 and knit the three loops within the middle so that 11 rows are flat. we change the three loops left and right at the skewers and whole our 2d chain type again.

7) We adjust our knitting arm duration in line with the age of the kid and complete our chains.

< in the picture, after 9 chains, arm cut and neckline engraving have been made.

While chopping for collar and arm, we not put the chain development.

8) We continue knitting by way of reducing 6-7 loops from right and left for arm reducing. .

9) For my collar vote, we minimize a loop through one collar in each and every 2 rows. .

10) We proceed to cut the collar beginning until it reaches a certain level. Then we knit the collar part immediately to the shoulder and reduce it. We make the V-neck of the collar section.

that is how we complete the opposite front part of our vest.


1) Bottle 74 We knit FORTY SEVEN pieces of yarn and knit it.

2) We cut 6 loops on all sides and lower arm.

THREE) Then we knit 25 rows of haras as much as the shoulder, and we attach the front portions and shoulder parts and cut our thread.

4) We sew front and back parts with the wool needle for the sides.

5) We sew our buttons and whole our vest to match the newest buttonholes.

That’s it!

chain-horse-vest-construction chain-horse-vest-building

s on your palms ealth!

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