Making of Lamb Baby Vest

Hi everyone!

We brought you an overly simple-to-put on vest model.

Novices can knit a lamb vest simply.

Let’s get started knitting instantly! < /


2 items L. A. Mia Baby Cotton Blue (L041) colour hand knitting thread3.FIVE mm trimmed spit2 mm crochet5 button buttons Snowball Anakuzusu Snow White (K010) color hand knitting threadBlack colour hand knitting threadWhite color embroidery ipi


Sizes are appropriate for 1-1.5 years antique.

Let’s now not put out of your mind to open 5 marrows with an period of THIRTEEN teeth. Let’s get started with SEVENTY EIGHT loops.

2) Let’s knit THREE teeth harosa.

THREE) prevents 15 loops, NINE loops palms, 24 loops at the back and one loops for increments.

FOUR) Building Up 20 loops, let’s make THREE teeth at the fingers and reduce the fingers.

Extra After knitting the body, if preferred, you can building up 3 loops underneath your arms.

FIVE) 20 cm girl Let’s knit directly with the length of the armpit, and eventually knit and break up to 45 teeth.


Let’s knit the anakuzus with a rope. Let’s start 15 loops. Let’s knit up to 12 rows.

Let’s knit with a black string.

2) Let’s make 12 handrails into the magic ring for his head. After combining with looping, let’s pull EIGHT chains and sink them to the ground of it. Let’s make the other ear via making 6 widespread needles, 8 chains once more and lower the rope lengthy.

3) Let’s pull 12 chains for the feet and make a needle and create a fold.

4) Let’s make the eyes of the lamb with the final white color rope.

Our vest is completed.

lamb-baby-vest-making lamb-baby-vest-making

Make it easy for everyone to die.

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