Making of Owl Vest

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I ready a knitting recipe with an owl that you like and can use in lots of knitting sorts.

you’ll be able to knit this cute vest straight away and reserve it for winter.

Let’s start knitting!


Snowball Baby One Military Blue (K1533) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm skewers2 FIVE mm amigurumi eyes5 buttons

methods to make

Our vest Suitable for 3-4 years vintage.

We knit as 3 pieces.


1) We make 86 loops.

2) We knit 2 opposite and a pair of flat rubber knits along 13 lines.

THREE) We knit harosa knitting alongside FIFTY NINE lines. < /

FOUR) We knit the harosha within the sixtieth row, making a ribbon for the aspect sleeve. We knit 6 loops as harosha, 1 loop as selanik, and the rest loops as harosha.

FIVE) For Every arm place, we minimize 1 loop from each side. We reduce 14 loops in overall. (7 loops for proper arm, 7 loops for left arm) We knit 32 rows on this manner. we lower for the part. We knit THREE rows in overall.

The again is ready.

Entrance (2 pieces)

1) We sew 48 loops.

2) 13 rows we knit 2 opposite, 2 flat rubber knitting all through.

Meanwhile, we’re beginning to make buttonholes. After that, we don’t disregard to open a buttonhole each and every THIRTEEN rows.

THREE) We create 6 loops for EIGHT rows, 1 loop of selanic knitting for 8 rows.

< FOUR) We knit 12 loops of harosa, 12 loops of flat knitting, 24 loops of harosha for 2 rows.

(we can knit 12 loops as a flat knit owl style.)

Then we make our 1st twist, 6 loops (in THREE loops in itself) and six loops on the left. < /

FIVE) We knit NINE rows. In our owl style, we knit 12 loops as undeniable knit and the remainder loops as harasha.

6) We make our 2nd twist in the similar course because the first twirl. We knit this among THREE-FOUR rows of undeniable weave and the remainder loops as harosa.

7) 3. WE ARE doing our twist. After knitting this break in 2 rows, we finish our owl style.

EIGHT) WE’RE beginning to knit and reduce till the arm play. We reduce 1 sew from both the collar and the arm for 7 rows. We knit the remainder until the required arm duration without reducing.

After stitching all of the pieces in combination, our vest is set.

Right Here it’s finished.

owl-child-vest-construction owl-child-vest-development

Well Being for your hand!

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