Making of Rabbit Figured Beanie

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I came with a very easy to make style on the way to make children and small children love to put on berets.


Yarnend Classic Child rope;
1 piece of Blue color rope
1 piece of Yellow color1 piece of Snowball Cream Cream color 2 sticky eyes or button that looks like an eye3. FIVE mm knitting3 mm crochet1 pink pompomShoulder needle



1) Begin with 120 loops.

2) Immediately loops are knitted with 1 inverted and 1 flat tire. Reverse loops are taken with out knitting. The reproduction tire pattern is bought by way of repeating the same process in each instructions.

3) While the rubber braid is ready 10 rows, the opposite loops are reversed in opposite, and the flat loops are knitted directly in 1 row.

4) Then, 2 teeth are knitted in harmony.

5) The Remainder of the beret is knitted as a simple weave.

6) Whilst our knitting 1 is blended from the start, the row within the form of knitting 10 loops in the immediately path is finished.

In each and every instantly order; 3 or 1 minimize, 2 or 1 lower, 1 or 1 cut, 1 or 1 minimize, decrements are made respectively. Whilst the needle is 15-16 stitches, the loops are gathered and stuck through shrinking.

8) Rabbit ears and face are then knitted and stitched on it.

if you knit and sew, you’ll stitch more easily.

Ears (2 items)

Begin with a blue thread.

1) 15 loops get started .

2) 15 rows are knit in the type of plain weave.

3) stitches are cut on each side in the straight route. 1 row is knit upside down. A sew is minimize on both sides in directly course. After any other row is reversed, the yellow thread is modified.

4) Knit till it reaches the duration of the blue.

5) Double stitches are sewn in opposite directions on either side.

We sew the attention or eye-taking a look button in the center.

Rabbit Cheek

Get Started with white velvet rope.

1) Start with 15 chains. 13 double handrails are made on the chain.

2) 11 double handrails are made via subtracting one loop from all sides.

THREE) NINE double handrails are made by means of reducing one stitch from either side.

FOUR) 7 double handrails are made through reducing one loop from each side.

5) 9 double handrails are made through expanding one stitch on each side.

6) 11 double handrails are made by expanding one stitch on each side.

7) 13 double handrails are made by way of increasing one loop on either side.

Increments and decrements are made on all sides at the beginning and at the finish of the row.Enamel (2 items)

We Commence with a yellow thread.

1) Start by way of pulling 10 chains.

2) Ranging From the 3rd chain, 8 double handrails are made.

EIGHT double handrails are made at the different aspect of the chain. 2 chains are pulled and sunk in the place where the remaining handrail is made.

The rope is left long to sew.


Our tracks have been completed. First we sew the rabbit’s cheek, then the nostril, eyes and ear.

Finally we sew your teeth and sew our beret.

Use it on great days With A Bit Of Luck…

I upload my different recipes with rabbit figures, in the event you desire, you can additionally knit them and complete the workforce.

creating a Rabbit Figured Child Shawl

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