Making of Rabbit Figured Child Gloves

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I Have shared with you the making of rabbit figured shawl, beret and booties before. 1 piece of Yarnend Vintage Child Blue color ip1 Snowball toe Cream color ip4 mm skewer4 mm crochet black for eye processing, yellow, red thread and needle for ear and mouth processing


1) It begins with 36 stitches. By Means Of taking 1 opposite and 1 flat opposite loops with out knitting, double rubber software is made. Double rubber is knitted for 10 rows.

2) 17 loops are knit flat and 1 increment is made, 2 loops are knit flat, 1 increment is made, and the rest 17 loops are knit flat.

3) All different row is back knit knitting.

4) 17 loops knit, build up 1 sew, knit 4 loops, building up 1 loop, knit 17 loops in each and every immediately row by means of knitting 17 loops on the starting and at the end. done.

5) 17 eg, 1 larger in our closing boost it is in the form of 10 knits, 1 building up, 17 knits.

We entire the glove by chopping in each and every straight route. We take care that the cuts overlap.

The numbers in the remaining minimize are as follows;

9) knit 1 sew, cut 1 sew, knit 4 stitches, back flip, reduce 1 loop, knit 4 stitches and go back to chop 1 loop, knit 1 loop. the other row is knitted in opposite and all loops within the directly direction are minimize and finger making is began.

10) We placed the 12 loops that we put on dangle with a crochet hook. We additionally make flat knitting within the finger.

ELEVEN ) Whilst there are approximately 10 rows, chopping THREE loops on both sides and reducing is finished.

Our gloves are gone.


you’ll additionally find shawl, beret and booties from the hyperlink below.

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