Making Openwork Baby Vest

(For 3-NINE months babies.)


1 ball Snowball Convenience ip3.FIVE mm skewer5 buttons


Openwork Model:

Our sample includes 4 rows. Knit till the end of the row in the form of 1 cut, 2 cuts.Cuttings are made similar to a flat knit. Finally, it’s finished with 2 cuts. All loops are reversed from the back.

within the 3rd row, this time, 2 cut 1 knit, 2 minimize 1 knit as the end of the row. Cuttings are made like flat knit. It is done with the ultimate 1 greenback. on the contrary, all loops are knit flat. For the start of the haraso.


1) Bottle EIGHTY TWO is stitched. the first 2 loops are inverted, SEVENTY EIGHT loops are directly (harosa weave), and the remaining 2 loops are inverted so that the harosa knit within the part bands does not blind. at the different aspect of the braid, we knit the opposite, flat and flat. on this means, 3 teeth are knitted.

2) After knitting 3 enamel harosha we will separate the loops and build up them as I wrote within the diagram above. Let’s knit 7 loops for front pat first (2 loops of this will be flat, FOUR loops shall be knitted and the final loop will probably be knitted flat once more). Then 1 closet, 18 straight, 1 closet, 2 straight, 1 closet, NINE loops straight, 1 closet, 2 straight, 1 closet, 26 instantly, 1 closet, 2 straight, 1 closet, 9 directly, 1 closet, 7 loops front Let’s knit as pat (1 flat, 4 harosha, 2 flat). Let’s open the first button hole in opposite. For this, let’s knit the first 4 loops, reduce 1, cut 1, knit 1. Let’s knit all of the loops with the arriving of the Hahasha (the inverted opposite, the obvious flat). And let’s make a buttonhole each 11 rows until the top of knitting. (we will open a loop in 11 lines of harosa)

3) Let’s make the above-discussed enhancements in the related places on each and every face. Whilst there are 15 incrementing holes, let’s knit all of the loops. Let’s reduce arm loops while the hashasha line has THREE tooth. When chopping, let’s come with certainly one of the 2 instantly lines we make between the increments into the arm loops, one to the other facet. After the reducing procedure is completed, let’s positioned 4 loops beneath the armpit at the same time as joining the palms and the frame.

4) Let’s set up the openwork type as I explained at the start, the ultimate row of the openwork style will likely be knitted in THREE breaks. forming the first enamel. being attentive to this, let’s knit 3 enamel between them. on this approach, let’s continue knitting the vest within the type of openwork style, 3 tooth harosha, openwork fashion, THREE tooth harasha.

5) After completing the openwork development 8 instances, let’s knit the closing 5 teeth of harosha and close the entire loops. Let’s stitch the buttons and make them ready for use.


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