Making Owl Baby Sweater

Hello buddies!

Nowadays I Would Like to proportion with you the production of our very cute baby sweater.

you’ll be able to knit this lovely sweater right away and reserve it for the winter. /


Alize Child Easiest hand knitting threads 4 mm skewers


Sizes are suitable for 1-2 years.

if you are going to work for 0-1 years, you can get started not up to 15 stitches.


1) We throw 75 stitches for the again a part of our knitting . We knit 2 opposite, 2 flat rubber knitting 2 finger wide or 3 cm long. if you happen to wish, you can keep the rubber phase a little bit wider.

THREE) At The Same Time As Reglan is working, we get our first knitting at the front of our knitting without knitting. We knit our 2 loops flat. We knit our 3 loops the other way up, with out knitting our 3 loops on the left hand knit, we miss our first 2 loops and continue with the flat knitting and go to the opposite arm aspect. We repeat the similar process this time once we have the final 6 loops on the different side. We overlap our 6 loops over our 3 loops at the left skewer, and knit 2 loops on most sensible of the row, after which knit the FOUR loops the wrong way up and knit the final 2 loops instantly. at the back aspect, we knit immediately loops in the form of simple weave, and opposite loops within the form of opposite weave. on this method, we come to the collar section with 24 reduce repetitions and placed the loops in our hand on grasp for the collar. We knit our rubber braid with 3 cm long 2 reverse, 2 plain weave.

2) We observe the owl type and knit front section as within the back phase.

Owl you need you can get help from the fashion. i will be able to share some fashions with you. when you wish, you’ll draw an owl picture you want on a checkered paper and proceed your weaving in that way.

i’ve printed the video that I defined this weave in 2 portions.

for those who wish, you can get help for owl fashion and hands.

Video Production

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