Making Owl Eye Patch

Hi ,,

Are you one of folks that like to sleep in the dark or who says they do not like to care?

What distinction does it need to make an excuse for such a candy eye patch?

Is it too simple to make!

shall we get started?


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting yarn;
1 Red (K771) colour rope
1 piece Yellow (K331) color yarn
1 piece White (K010) colour yarn Black embroidery thread for eyelash 2.FIVE mm crochet 50 cm coloured ribbon rubber Needle Ribbon, button, bead


Building Up

Sh: Magic ring

x: Frequent Needle


a: Relief

zn: Chain


Large Round (2 pieces)

We knit with crimson thread.

1. 6x into Sh

2 . 6v = 12

3. 1x, 1v (6 instances) = 18

4. 2x, 1v (6 occasions) = 24

5 . 3x, 1v (6 times) = 30

6 . 4x, 1v (6 occasions) = 36

7 . 5x, 1v (6 occasions) = FORTY TWO

8 . 6x, 1v (6 instances) = 48

9. 7x, 1v (6 instances) = FIFTY FOUR

10 . 8x, 1v (6 occasions) = 60

11 . 9x, 1v (6 occasions) = 66

Small Round (2 items)

We knit with white thread.

1. 6x into Sh

2 . 6v = 12

3. 1x, 1v (6 instances) = 18

4. 2x, 1v (6 occasions) = 24

5 . 3x, 1v (6 occasions) = 30

6 . 4x, 1v (6 times) = 36

7 . 5x, 1v (6 times) = 42


We knit with yellow thread.

1 . We shoot 6 instances.

2 . 5x

3 from the 2d time. 5x

4 . 1a, 1x, 1a = 3

6 . 3x

We wrap and end the loop. We leave the thread lengthy to stitch.

owl-eye-band-construction-1 owl-eye-band -making-1


First, follow black eyelashes to the white pieces by means of attaching a black thread to the wool needle and stitch the white items by centering them to the crimson pieces. enhance the area around it with a needle. Stitch the yellow nose by centering on the part you’re stitching. Flip the shaped piece back, first positioned the cotton discs in the heart and placed the ribbon rubber at the edges and stick the adhesive part to the top with silicone. (you’ll be able to reduce the front piece of the piece through drawing it round with a pencil to cut the piece of the piece and minimize it by means of leaving a share.) Flip the front of the piece and decorate it via striking a small ribbon and bead / button in the higher proper corner. owl-eye-band-construction-2 owl-eye-band-construction-2

Use in excellent days.

i would also like to see your merchandise should you have hashtags on Instagram @ Rabbitalya tags and # Rabbitalyailebaykuşgözbandörör to the eye bands you knit.

Thanks in advance.

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