Making Owl Gloves

Hello everybody!

We’ve ready a candy glove fashion on your kids.

The production of this colourful glove may be very a laugh!

Let’s start knitting instantly!


La Mia Cottony hand knitting threads;
Inexperienced (P30) colour thread
Yellow (P15) colour thread
White (P1) color thread
Black (P21) colour thread
Blue (P9) color thread
Fuchsia (P24) color thread3 mm crochet Wool needle


First we begin with the green color thread from the nostril of the glove.

1) 1. Subsequent we make 12 double handrails into the magic ring.

2) 2. We knit in order to have 24 handrails via double sinking in line with handrail.

3) 3. We make 36 handrails in total, 1 single and 1 double.

4) We sink one by means of one in every of the 4th, 5th and sixth rows.

We knit with a fuchsia colour thread for the thumb part of the glove.

5) We make 6 handrails throughout the magic ring. Then we get 12 handrails by double sinking in step with handrail. Subsequent, we knit two extra rows with a unmarried sinker in step with handrail.

As we transfer to the fuchsia a part of the glove, we proceed to knit by way of including the phase we knit for the thumb.

6) As a whole, we knit the gloves with out increasing or decreasing FOUR rows.

7) We complete the duration among the wrists and arms and decrease handrails for each a part of the wrist, at the right and left. We reduce the thread of the glove as so much because the wrist duration.

Eyes (2 items)

We knit with black thread.

1) Magic We make EIGHT handrails into the ring.

We knit with a blue thread.

2) We make SIXTEEN handrails in keeping with double double handrails.

We knit with white thread.

3) In The last row, we make a complete of 24 handrails, including 1 single and 1 double.


We knit with a yellow thread.

1) We pull out 8 chains, from the 2nd chain, respectively, frequent needles, fake frequent needles, double handrails, triple handrails, crochet head 2 times. we’re wrapping around a handrail. We draw FIVE chains in the final chain and sink.

Ornamental Flower

We knit with a yellow string.

1) Magic ring SIXTEEN We make common needles.

2) We separate widespread needles into teams of 4. We entire the flower via sinking with FOUR chains, 2 triple handrails and 4 chains once more.

We sew the eye, nose and plants we made on our gloves with wool needles.

owl-glove-made owl-glove-made

Simple to come!

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