Making Owl Pen Holder

I WISHED to show our scholars learn how to make a tabletop owl pencil holder, that’s very popular with the lecturers I made as a report card.

you can make your children proud of this really easy, very speedy knitting type.


1 Spaghetti Yarn Combed crimson color white, yellow and black superb felt8 mm crochet


1) We Commence through making 6 frequent needles into the magic ring.

2) We whole the order of 2 common needles in step with stitch.

3) We make 1 unmarried, 1 double frequent needles to the loops. We whole the bottom part.

4) Chain execution We knit 1 row with the technique and cross up to the highest row.

5) We make one common needle by means of sinking into each loop (in the heart of the v shape). We Have made the Virgo type.

6) We continue knitting on this approach till we succeed in the specified measurement.

7) We reduce the eyes and nostril from felt and stick them with a silicone gun. Then we lower the rope and make ears in the form of tassels.

That’s it!

Permit everybody who’s simple come, good-bye 🙂

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