Making Owl Sleeping Bag

Hi everybody!

We Have an overly adorable drowsing bag recipe in an effort to keep your small children warm.

Might you like to try it too?

Let’s get started knitting this beautiful fashion in no time. !


Snowball Child One Prints hand knitting threads2.FIVE mm crochetBlack colour embroidery thread Needle


1) Magic ring for our jumpsuit we start by way of doing. We make 24 double handrails within the ring.

2) Within The 2nd row, we building up the entire number of our handrails to FORTY EIGHT by way of making handrails to the highest of each handrail.

THREE) In The 3rd row, we whole the entire row in the form of unmarried handrails, double handrails.

4) In The fourth row, we entire the row within the form of unmarried, single, double handrails.

5) Within The 5th row, we entire the row within the form of single, unmarried, single, double handrail.

6) Within The 6th row, We complete the sequence in the form of single, unmarried, single, double.

7) We complete the seventh, single, unmarried, unmarried, single, single, double row.

EIGHT) We complete the 8th row without any raising on top of every railing as a railing.

Now it is time to build our type.

NINE) In The Meantime, two trams facet through side We do n. We pull 1 chain and leap a handrail and make it again. We pull 1 chain and make handrails aspect by means of side. in this way, we whole the collection.

10) We fill the handrails we make with handrails, respectively, and attach them at the single handrail with common needles. After finishing this order like this, we continue the similar process as double handrails unmarried handrails in keeping with row. /

12) We Begin deducing from the beginning to the end in every order. we can make the collar lower after turning 13 rows in this manner. then we finish the overalls.

14) We build up the circles of the dimensions we would like through increasing the needles within the ornament phase. Then we make the eyelash parts with black thread and needle and sew them to the upper phase.

on this method, we have now completely completed our owl overalls. / “alt = “owl-drowsing-bag-making” width = “648” peak = “863” /> owl-slumbering-bag-making

Health in your palms!

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