Making Owl’s Headband

You’ll Be Able To protect your children from the cold with a laugh braids.

Your kid will love this owl scarf and also you can knit it in a short time like 1 day.

Let’s get started then!


Yarnart Jeans Plus rope;
1 Brown (SEVENTY ONE) rope
1 Mild Brown (70) rope
1 White (SIXTY TWO) color rope
1 Black (53) colour thread
1 Yellow 35) color ip5 mm knitting needle5 mm crochet



Mild Brown starts with the rope.

1) Begin with 50 loops.

2) Knit 2 knitted, 2 flat formed rubber knit for EIGHT rows.

3) Hahasa is knitting. FIVE teeth harosa knitting is knitted and a pair of reverse and a couple of flat rubber knitting is began once more.

4) 2 reverse, 2 flat-shaped rubber knitting is knitted and finished for EIGHT rows.

the two ends of the scarf are sewn in combination.

Owl (2 items)

Start with brown thread.

1) 12 double handrails are made within the magic ring.

2 ) THREE chains are drawn. a total of 24 handrails are made via double dipping into each and every loop.

3) a total of 32 handrails are made via stitching THREE single and 1 double in order.

Owl Eyes (4 items)

Start with the black colour thread.

1) 6 common needles are made into the magic ring.

2) a complete of 12 needles are made through double-dipped into each loop.

White colour is placed on the rope.

3) Sequences in order a complete of 18 needles are made by sticking 2 single and 1 double. Then the nose is processed with a yellow thread in share to the eyes, and the ears are made in the shape of a tassel with the closing white and yellow thread. The ready-made owl heads are sewn on the headscarf to the ears.

Your headband with owl is set! Use it on beautiful days!

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