Making Pistachio Model Home Ballet

Hello, my knitting pals,

i wanted to bring you an overly common and useful felt-based totally peanut type knitting style.

i am hoping you’ll simply knit it with a detailed photo narration.

Let’s get started.


Los Angeles Mia Diamond hand knitting yarn;
1 Grey (L162) colour thread
1 Crimson (L164) colour thread sole3 mm crochet


You’ll do this with the colours you want and the color mixtures you wish to have. I most well-liked 2 colors. we commence with the red thread.

1) We take loops from the bottom by sinking into the holes of the ready-made felt base thrice. Then we make 1 row of chain execution.


2) After executing the chain, we make the needle in 1 row alongside the highest row and complete the row.

We switch to the grey rope.

3) Then we make 1 double handrail to the top of every widespread needle.

4) We make peanut models among the handrails for 4 rows. For the peanut knitting model, the handrail is submerged 2 times and we take out 2 loops and then we collect the entire loops in a single loop.

We don’t forget to change the color in each order.

fistic -modelli-home-babet-yapimi-3

5) foot in 5th row We separate 20 pistachio models from the ends and take them in combination and weave them together. we have 10 pistachio models.


6) We entire the 6th row by creating a peanut style without slicing.

7) 1 within the seventh row, 1 We knit the highest of the peanut by way of making common needles. but when it involves the foot of the toes, we make double handrails in conjunction with double peanuts. When the double peanut is done, we additionally end the handrail, then we proceed to make 1 needle to the middle of the peanut crust once more.

8) We complete the 8th place through making 1 needle to each loop. .

And our booty is over! Its decoration is as much as you!


Good luck to everyone who has realized, goodbye to see you in a new recipe

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