Making Pokemon Ball Coaster

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How could you favor to knit a fantastic coaster to make your children at home extra a laugh?

your kids will love Pokemon Ball coaster that you can easily knit!

Let’s start!


Gazzal Baby Cotton XL hand knitting threads;
Black (3433XL) colour thread
White (3432XL) color thread < br /> Red (3439XL) color ip2.5 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

Dc: Double handrails

Dcv: Double handrails building up

Hdc: Single handrail

Hdcv: Unmarried handrail build up

cc: Sew shift

zn: Chain


Get Started with white colour rope.

1) Sh 12dc

2) 12dcv , cc, 2zn (24)

Proceed with black colour rope.

3) (hdc, hdcv) * 12, cc, 2zn (36 )

4) Black 2dc, Red (dcv, 2dc) * FIVE, dcv, Black 2dc, White (dcv, 2dc) * 5, dcv

5) Black 2dcv, Pink (3dc, dcv) * 5, 2dc, Black 2dcv, White (3dc, dcv) * FIVE, dcv

6) Black (dcv, 2dc, dcv), Purple (3dc, dcv) * 6, 3dc, Black (dcv, 2dc, dcv), White (3dc, dcv) * 7

And it’s performed!

pokemon-ball-cup-bottom-making pokemon-ball-cup-bottom-making

well being!

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