Making Pompom Child Booties

Making Pompom Child Booties
Making Pompom Child Booties

It’s the most efficient to spend time at house through the wintry weather months!

Home booties are perfect for staying fashionable and warm at home!


Yarnart Jeans Plus rope;
2 Brown (SEVENTY ONE) threads
1 Purple (66) color thread
1 Darkish Brown (70) ip5 mm crochet 2 buttons


1) 8 needles are made and locked into the magic ring.

2) 2 needles are made into each and every needle. This procedure is repeated till the end of the row. 16 common needles are got at the end of the row.

3) 1 double and three single needles are carried out to the loops. This process is repeated till the tip of the row. 20 needles are acquired at the end of the row.

4) 1 needle is made to each loop for a total of 15 rows.

Transfer to heel.

FIVE) 19 frequent needles are made. 1 chain is drawn and the highest row is reached. 8 common needles, 9,10,11th stitches are knit in combination and diminished. 8 needles are made.

6) 1 chain is pulled up to the highest row, 7 needles, EIGHT,9,10.loops are accrued together, knitted and decreased. 7 common needles are made.

7) 1 chain is drawn and the top row is reached, 6 widespread needles, 7,EIGHT,ninth loops are collected, knitted and reduced. 6 needles are made.

the middle of the heel section is folded and joined in combination, the wrist section is passed.

EIGHT) The loops after the heel phase 2 rows of knitting needles are made and one row is knitted.

9) A COMPLETE of NINE rows of knitting is finished through making 1 needle to every loop.

10) It Is decorated through making pompoms with crimson rope. the attention is made through sewing the buttons. Sock is embellished through pulling the chain in darkish brown and giving it the form of a bow.

Good well being !

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