Making Popcorn Ribbons Buckle

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We brought you an excessively simple and really trendy knit buckle tutorial.

With the popcorn trend and candy pink color, this buckle that your kids will love will probably be in different colours and sizes for your self.

Let’s get started!


YarnArt Denims Purple (36) colour hand knitting yarn2.5 mm crochetClip clip


Sh: Magic ring

Cc: Sew shift

Zn: Chain

X: Scalp needle

Popcorn: The thread is wrapped in the crochet 5 instances and pulled without delay


1. 40zn, 39x from 2d zn. Go Back with 1zn.

2. (Popcorn, 2x) * 13. Go Back with 1zn.

popcorn-ribbons-buckle-making -1

3. 39x

4. (Popcorn, 2x) * 13. Go Back with 1zn.

5. 39x


6. (Popcorn, 2x) * 13. Go Back with 1zn.

7. 39x

8. (Popcorn, 2x) * 13. Return with 1zn.

9. 39x

10. (Popcorn, 2x) * 13. Return with 1zn.

11. 39x

After the long piece is knitted in this way, the again loops are together blended with the needle as in the picture.

String minimize long knit the piece is wrapped tightly by way of giving the shape of a ribbon as within the picture.

popcorn -curve-buckle-making-4

Buckle clip is hooked up to the again.


Vee popcorn ribbon buckle is about!


Health in your hand!

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