Making Rabbit Bookends

Hi !

We Can make you a bookends with bunny.

you’ll make your kids love studying books with this pretty bookends.

Allow’s start knitting at the moment!


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
Cream (K025) color thread
Pistachio Green (K1390) color thread
Orange color thread2.5 mm crochet


We knit with cream-coloured thread.

1) 3 handrails, 3 half handrails, 1 chain, 1 handrail, 1 chain, THREE part handrails to the magic ring Allow’s make THREE handrails, pull THREE chains and dangle them with the slide means.

We continue without going back.

2) 3 chains, 3 chains within the earlier row Permit’s make one part handrail, one handrail to the top of the phase, make THREE triple handrails into the opposite slot, make two double handrails into the incoming slot, make a double handrail into the opposite slot, part-handrail to the other slot, full t Let’s make double handrails, triple handrails, double handrails in the similar slot to the epe part.

3) Permit’s make half handrails in the different slots, let’s make double handrails within the 3 slots coming. Let’s make double handrails within the subsequent slot. Allow’s make THREE triple handrails throughout the next slot. Allow’s make double handrails and part handrails into the next slot. Permit’s pull 3 chains and dangle them to the former junction with the slide way.

4) Allow’s draw 3 chains, we make 2 widespread needles within the comparable slot in the chain we pulled in the earlier row. We Will get started making ears. Permit’s draw 7 chains, let’s make needles, half handrails, double handrails, double handrails, part handrails, common needles into the chains we pull. Let’s dangle the following slot and pull 7 chains once more and repeat the similar operations.

This has develop into our ear.

5) Permit’s cling the following slot. Allow Us To make 6 needles into 6 slots, make a double handrail in the incoming slot, double handrail in the incoming slot, triple handrail, double handrail within the subsequent slot, make double handrails in the subsequent slot and make needles in 6 slots. Allow’s pull FOUR chains and make needles on the top of each chain.

This tail has develop into.

6) Let’s cling the next slot with a needle. Allow’s make common needles into the next FIVE slots. Allow’s pull 3 chains and dangle directly to the space through scrolling.


We knit with orange thread.

1) Permit’s draw 7 chains. Let’s make 2 frequent needles and three double handrails from the again. Let’s make 3 triple handrails within the final slot, THREE double handrails within the subsequent slots, 2 needles. Allow’s stick to the slide, leave the rope long and reduce it.


We knit with pistachio inexperienced colour thread.

1) Permit’s cling the phase that we make triple handrails. . Allow’s pull FOUR chains and pin each slot. Permit’s dangle directly to the similar slot. Allow’s pull 5 chains and make needles on every chain, hang on to the same place. Let’s pull 4 chains and pin each chain and hold them within the same slot.

Let’s stitch our carrots into the tail of our rabbit.

Permit’s do eye and mouth remedy.

That’s it!


Our rabbit bookmark is ready!

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