Making Scarves with Baby for Girls

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It’s a known fact that women have a transparent passion in dolls!

in this observe, the favorite doll of girls shall be in knitted shawl this time round it.

here’s a nice surprise for you to make ladies satisfied…

Let’s start!


2 pieces of la Mia Wool Easy Cream (L050) color hand knitting threadLa Mia Diamond hand knitting threads;
1 Mustard Yellow (L003) colour thread
1 Fuchsia (L163) colour thread
1 Blue (L110) color thread
1 Brown (L161 ) color thread


1. First, THREE strips of 150 cm length are prepared with cream-coloured yarn and

braid is knitted. 30 cm of yarn from each side of the braid is left as a fringe without knitting.

2. Then, the beginning a part of the hair on one facet of the braid is roofed with a fuchsia colored thread.

hooked up. For the baby’s hair on the other side of the braid; With 4 layers of yellow thread, the hair is weaved

and tied to the start part of the eave.

3. With 20 cm long strands, fringes are made from the edges of the yellow hair weave. hair is created. For the head, a FIVE cm part of the cream-colored thread on the backside of the hair (head) is wrapped around the

finish through wrapping a brown colored thread and the throat is shaped.

4. Eye with blue thread at the head, mouth with fuchsia thread with needle

is processed.

5. Cream thread beneath the neck, 60 ‘for both palms Each layer is divided into 3 parts as A HUNDRED AND FIFTY layers for measurement

The fringes reserved for the fingers are wrapped with blue and brown threads and the sleeve is created via

6. The frame section is shaped by way of cross-linking with a fuchsia coloured thread. 70 layers of yarn are left for the skirt on the backside of the frame.

7. FORTY layers of yarn for every leg are wrapped with brown yarn to shape the leg. Blue colored thread is wrapped crosswise on the leg and sock air is given and the knitting scarf is done.


Well Being for your fingers!

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