Making Shabby Child Hat

Hello everyone!

The Elements has started to cool slowly.

we’ve got prepared an overly nice model to arrange your children for the winter.

Let’s get started knitting this cute hat immediately!


1 Snowball Suave Inexperienced (K392) color hand knitting thread 4.FIVE mm skewer


1) ONE HUNDRED TWENTY loops It begins with.

2) Instantly loops are knit, with 1 inverted and 1 flat tire. Reverse loops are taken with out knitting. The reproduction tire development is acquired by repeating the same process in both directions.


3) Whilst the rubber braid is ready 15 rows, the opposite loops are became the other way up, the flat loops are knit immediately 1 row.

4) The Entire beret is knit as 1 row of reverse and 1 row of undeniable weave. While the knitting 1 is blended from the beginning, the row is finished by means of knitting 10 loops in the instantly route and reducing 1 loop. The back is knitted as a opposite knit. In each and every immediately order; respectively, knitting EIGHT loops and reducing 1 loop, knitting 7 loops and reducing 1 loop, knitting 6 loops and chopping 1 loop, knitting 5 loops, slicing 1 loop, knitting 4 loops and cutting 1 loop, knitting THREE loops and cutting 1 loop. Decrements are made. While the needle is 15-16 stitches, the needle loops are collected and fixed through shrinking.

6) The beret is finished by means of making pompoms and sewing from the aspect.


Your beret is ready!



Health to your fingers!

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