Making Smurfette Dress

Hi everybody!

Could it’s more stunning than a hand-knitted dress to add sweetness to our girls’ cuteness?

for those who agree with us, let’s knit a cushy dress together!


Los Angeles Mia Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
1 Mint (L032) color thread
1 White (L001) color ip4 mm spit


We Can knit our dress as a complete.

We knit with Mint color thread.

1) We Start with 250 loops and we knit flat knitting.

2) We knit at abnormal intervals over 23 cm and converting the choice of rows of white and mint yarn in the selection of rows we would like.

3) up to 23 cm We cut back the number of loops to ONE HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE by way of reducing periodically.

4) We knit with 135 loops with FOUR rows of mint, 2 rows of white, FOUR rows of mint, 1 row of white thread.

FIVE) Subsequent, THREE stitches are flat, 3 stitches are in combination, THREE stitches are By Way Of finishing the order of z, THREE loops together, we make the holes that we can move the rope.

6) We increase the 2 loops we drop in the next row through throwing a loop of bottles.

7) We knit a plain knit with 135 rows of one row of white, 24 rows of mint colour and open the arm carving. To open the handle, we lower 9 loops from the beginning of the row without delay.

8) We knit FORTY EIGHT loops and reduce 18 loops at once. We knit 51 loops and minimize NINE more loops and end the row.

9) We knit THREE rows of flat knitting with the remainder loops.

10) In the following row, we change the 18 stitches that now we have cut into, and then upload them as 21 stitches via throwing bottle loops.

ELEVEN) For the next 18 rows, both of the 21 stitches we have now added are in addition, we knit every row from the left and proper portions of front and back portions, which can be still fixed, by way of putting off 1 loop in every row. When the entire duration is 44 cm, we can close all loops at once.

We make lacing at the waist of the dress with Mint color rope.

It’s that simple!

sirine-dress-made sirine-get dressed-made

Health to your palms!

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