Making Snowflake Knitted Earrings

Hello everyone!

Who does not love the snowflake!

we needed to have a knit to cool ourselves within the summer season and now we have ready the snowflake earrings recipe for you.

Let’s start now!


Kartopu Organica White (K010) colour hand knitting thread2.FIVE mm crochetEarring equipment


1) Let’s make a magic ring.

2) Let’s knit in the type of THREE handrails, 3 chains, THREE handrails, THREE chains so that there will be 5 handrail groups in total. Let’s mix it with the start.

snow-snowflake-knitting-cup-making-1 snow-snowflake-knitting- cup-making-1

3) Let’s scroll to the space.

FOUR) In each and every house Let’s take the following movements in order: Let’s pull 4 chains and hang directly to the gap, pull 6 chains and hold directly to the gap, pull 4 chains and dangle directly to the gap.

5) After filling all the gaps, reduce the thread Let’s conceal it.

snow-snowflake-knot-cup-making-2 snow-snowflake-knot-cup -construction-2

Snowflake jewelry are able!

snow-snowflake-knitting-cup-making snow-snowflake-knitting -kupe-made

Well Being for your arms.

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