Making Square Bookends

Hi !

Nowadays, we can make a bookmark with you in the sq. motif.

you’ll be able to provide the bookmark that you have a present in your family members.

Let’s get started knitting this pretty type right away!


YarnArt Cotton Soft Red (20) colour hand knitting yarn2.5 mm crochet


1) Magic ring 2 in among Let’s make 12 puffs with a chain. Let’s wrap the crochet rope even as making these puffs. Let’s first draw one loop, then loops. Let’s do this another time and pull all the loops left within the crochet.

2) Let’s pouff the formed areas with 3 chains among them. Even As we are making the puff right here, let’s draw a rope and draw loops. Let’s repeat the remainder loops after repeating 2 more instances. Let’s make 1 puff, 2 chains, 1 puff, FOUR chains, 1 puff, 2 chains, 1 puff here. Even As we are making the puff right here, let’s draw a rope and draw two loops. After repeating 2 more occasions, let’s pull all the remaining loops directly.

4) After making the puff in step THREE within the first area, let’s pull 3 chains and skip the next house. Let’s make double handrails by way of sinking to the top of the ground row of puff. Let’s pull THREE chains and skip the following space and make puffs once more to the other area.

5) Let’s cut the rope at the finish of our sq. motif and tie our rope to the nook. Let’s make double peanuts in the void. Let’s pull 3 chains and make double peanuts on most sensible of the peanut. Let’s continue until now we have 15 peanuts on this means.

Our bookmark with motifs is about!



Well Being in your arms!

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