Making Straw Hats with Straw Mesh Model

Hi everyone!

We’ve Got prepared an overly cute kid beanie model for you.

you’ll be able to knit this pretty beanie in a short time.

Let’s start knitting immediately!


Kartopu Ak-Soft Brown (K882) color hand knitting yarn4 mm bulging pompom


1) ONE HUNDRED loops are started.

2) 1 opposite, 1 flat knit and 12-15 rows of rubber knit are knitted.

3) 6 reverse, 2 straight 6 rows of reverse loops are inverted, immediately loops are knitted flat.

4) 7. 2 rows, 2 instantly, 6 inverted, 2 straight rows are completed. Loops are knitted as they come along 6 rows. Scrolling is finished.

Thus, the weave type is put in.


6) Knitting is sustained on this method until it reaches the required duration.

7) In every directly path,

decrements are made within the type of 5 ex, 1 decrease4, 1 decrease3, 1 decrease2, 1 decrease.

8) All loops are reduce and reduced in size from best it’s sewn from.


9) In Any Case, let’s fix the pompom.

Your beret is ready!


Health to your hands…

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