Making Strawberry Earrings

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This summer’s stylish jewelry!

you’ll sustain with type with our earring models.

Let’s get started knitting this strawberry earring immediately! < /


Yarnart Cotton Comfortable hand knitting threads;
Dark Green (FIFTY TWO) colour thread
Pink (FIFTY ONE) colour thread2.FIVE mm crochet One pair of earring

We knit with dark green thread.

1) We go away approximately 20-30 cm of rope and pull FIVE chains. We hook up with the scroll method. We pull THREE chains and cross up. Then we make any other double handrail to the chain next to it. We pull 1 chain and take it into the following chain from the highest once and sink it, and we leave the two loops in the crochet hook and go away the similar loop on the chain next to it, leaving the three loops within the crochet at the same time. We pull 1 chain and do the similar process 12 times. We connect to the scroll method. Thus, now we have 12 groups of pairs.

We knit with crimson thread.

2) We tie our thread to any gap we pull 1 chain and pull 3 chains into the same space. we make double handrails. we’re doing 3 extra double handrails in the house proper next to it with out pulling a series. We always do the similar to the next spaces. Then we attach it again with the scroll methodology.

3) we are once more a number of the three teams by way of scrolling. At the similar time, we also make 3 double handrails to every area. After filling FIVE gaps on this approach, we skip one hole and fill it with FIVE gaps in the same means and skip one gap on the finish. We repeat it as within the third row, but we repeat the same as in three threes.

4) we proceed by means of doing double handrails.

5) We make 3 triple double handrails in 5th place.

6) 6 . We make 2 double double handrails within the queue.

7) Within The final line, we make and connect 1 double double handrail.

8) In Any Case, we left an extended rope at the beginning. We pull the chain with the duration of the rope that you simply can connect for your earring and fasten the earring.

strawberry-cupe-making strawberry-cup-making

Easy to return!

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