Making Stylish Horse Vests for Girls

Hello everybody!

Ancestor vest fashions are very popular in this day and age!

we have also prepared a very cute ancestor vest style for you and your girls.

Let’s start knitting this beautiful vest at the moment! h2>


1) Let’s stitch 60 stitches. After knitting the knots in 1 row of harosha, let’s divide them into THREE in the form of 18-24-18. WE CAN come with two loops from the edges of the 24 loops and knit them via rotating so that we’ve a mild curve. Let’s knit this manner till all of the loops are finished.

2) Let’s knit 33 tooth in this manner.

3) With Out slicing the arm Let’s knit 4 stitches for the line line after which 1 reverse. this may increasingly proceed until the shoulder. Let’s knit 7 loops for the sleeve by way of knitting so as.

FOUR) After reducing the sleeve, there are 46 loops left in our bottle. Let’s split THIRTEEN loops for the shoulder, 20 loops for the nape and reduce the shoulder through knitting 2 tooth additional.


1) Let’s get started 30 loops and divide them into 12-18 .

2) Let’s add 18 loops to twelve loops, as we did at the again, to finish 18 loops. After knitting 4 loops, let’s make 1 reverse knitting which maintains in line. Let’s get to the arm cut in this fashion.

THREE) Earlier Than we cut the arm, let’s now not omit to put 1 back knit after FOUR stitches. Let’s lower 7 loops for the sleeve.

FOUR) After making the arm lower, let’s knit 10 teeth in a haro.

5) 6 so as, Let’s make the collar spherical until there are 13 loops in the type of 1, 1, 1, 1.

6) Let’s knit the opposite piece in this way. Let’s stitch it.

7) Let’s make a protracted chain and make a flower for the collar rope. Let’s wrap across the collar with a needle. Once More, let’s pull a protracted chain and finish the end with a flower.

Let’s knit with a white thread.

EIGHT) Let’s create a ring for the handrails through pulling 7 chains and 1 throughout the earrings Let’s fill it as a needle, 1 unmarried handrail, FOUR double handrails, 1 single handrail and 1 frequent needle.

NINE) Let’s beautify it with a ribbon.

Our vest completed.

girl-for-girl-horse-vest-making woman-dick-horse-vest-building

well being for your arms!

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