Making Sycamore Leaf Coaster

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Are you prepared to make a sycamore leaf coaster, the symbol of lengthy lifestyles and potential?

So get ready, our recipe.


1 Snowball Amigurumi Mustard Yellow (K322) color hand knitting yarn2.FIVE mm crochet


zn: Chain

x: common needles (frequent needles will all the time be knitted from the back of the loops, with the blo method)


1. Let’s pull 16n and go back.

2. starting from 3.zn, 14x, 4zn, 14x to the opposite side of the chain, Let’s pull again and come back.

3. Skip 1x, 13x, (2x, 4zn, 2x), 11x, let’s pull again and back.

4. Skip 1x, 12x, (2x, 4zn, 2x into zn), 12x, let’s go back and again.

5. Skip 1x, 13x, (2x, 4zn, 2x in zn), 11x, let’s pull back 1.

6. Skip 1x, 12x, (2x, 4zn, 2x into zn), 12x, let’s go back and come again.

7 . Skip 1x, 13x, (2x, 4zn, 2x), 12x, 1n, let’s go back.

8. Skip 1x Let’s pull back to 13x, (2x, 4zn, 2x), 12x, 1n and again.

9. skip 1x, 13x, (2x into zn , 4zn, 2x), 12x, 1zn let’s go back.


10. skip 1x, 13x, (5x in the chain), we continue the line 12x, 5zn pull again .

11. WE BEGIN with the 3rd chain, 8x, 1zn, skip 1x at the first leaf, 1x, 1zn and pull back.

12. 9x, 5zn we pull back and go back.

13. 3.

Let’s leave the rope long and hide it.

Even Though It is slightly tough to look at it one through one, it’s price for the outcome. Sycamore leaf coaster is set.


Knit and use on good days.

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