Making The Baby Vest In Its Simplest Form

Making The Baby Vest In Its Simplest Form
Making The Baby Vest In Its Simplest Form


I Have arise with a very easy child vest recipe for beginners.

This knit style, that’s completely undeniable and reverse knit, is knitted in one piece starting from the collar.

These sizes are appropriate for 1-2 years. Via increasing or lowering proportionally, you’ll be able to adapt it to the age team you need.


FOUR pieces of Etrofil Angora Child Speckled (SW003) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm line skewer 6 buttons


1) Begin with NINETY FOUR stitches. 4 teeth are knitted. the primary button hole is opened on the right entrance band.

the front is about up with 11 stitches, the arms are 12 stitches, the back is 27 stitches, front bands are 7 stitches and the loops are 2 stitches.

2) Respectively; 7 loops for front band, 11 directly, 1 closet, 2 straight, 1 closet, 12 immediately, 1 closet, 2 immediately, 1 closet, 27 straight, 1 closet, 2 immediately, 1 closet, 12 straight, 1 closet, 2 The order is finished via knitting 7 haros for immediately, 1 closet, ELEVEN immediately and entrance band.

THREE) In The Meantime, front bands knit 7 loops, and all different loops are knit again.

After that, the good judgment of our knitting may be very easy.

If the loop is already on the opposite side of the braid, we knit the rest with a crochet knit, and the remainder at the straight facet of the braid.

on the flat side of the braid, all the time position the increments 1 We knit in the form of 2 flat, 1 dola, the rest loops are straight as it is, if it is flat, weave to haroşa. We knit by means of knitting.

FOUR) After making 10 increments, 2 enamel are knit in a crochet.

FIVE) Our weave it keeps to knit once more with the similar good judgment. While there are 21 increments in total, THREE extra teeth are knitted and the loops at the arm are cut. The body keeps to knit in one piece.

6) For the front bands for 15 rows, 7 loops of harosa braids proceed to be knitted, 1 row of simple weave and 1 row of again knit, after which 2 enamel of harosha weave.

Proper button hollow is opened in front band with 9-10 teeth groove.

7) 15 rows 1 row inverted 1 row directly, 2 enamel harosha, 15 row 1 row inverted Weave and lower 1 row instantly, 2 tooth harosha, 15 rows 1 row reverse, 1 rows directly, FIVE tooth harosha.

Buttons are sewn.

Your health vest is about for your arms.

Hope you employ it on great days ..
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