Making Two Color Baby Sweater

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Lately we brought you a two-colour sweet baby sweater recipe that is knitted virtually.

< p dir = "ltr"> Let’s get started right now!


Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads;
1 Mild Brown (K1886) colour thread
1 Mustard Yellow (K1321) colour ip4 mm spit2 button

Training < / h2>


Gentle brown knit.

1. Start by means of throwing 70 loops.

2. 7 knit harosa knit.

Sweater model starts to be put in.

THREE. Brown thread 2 rows of undeniable weave are knitted with.

4. 2 rows of heterosexual weave are knitted with yellow thread.

in this method, steps 3 and four are repeated till there are 28 traces.

5. Then FOUR enamel harosa knit is knitted with brown thread.

6. Loops are cut on each side for 5 arms.

7. 15 loops are knitted, 30 loops in between are cut, 15 loops are knitted.

EIGHT. With those final loops, SIXTEEN more enamel are knitted and all loops are lower.


. Once More, 5 loops are reduce from the sides for the fingers.

2. After the stitches are minimize, 13 tooth are knitted .

3. Then 15 loops are knitted, 30 loops in between are lower, 15 loops are knitted.


1. Right shoulder THREE enamel are knitted and reduce.

2. FIVE enamel are knitted because the left shoulder buttonhole to be placed shall be opened.

3. 2 buttonholes are opened.

FOUR. After 2 more threads are knitted on most sensible, all loops are minimize and closed.

Our sweater is set!

two-color-baby-suiter-making -colour-child-sweater-making

Health to your hand!

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