Making Two Needle Easy Knit Socks

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Today, I Am here with a sock style if you want to keep your kids’ toes heat and knit and dress up straight away.

Let’s get started knitting this beautiful fashion right away!


YarnArt Jeans hand knitting threads;
Grey (46) color thread
Turquoise (EIGHTY ONE) colour thread3.FIVE mm skewer


These sizes are 1-2 years it’s suitable for. the only of the foot is 11 cm, but there may be also a stretch. Through increasing the selection of stitches, you’ll be able to make any size you need.


two-fog-easy-organ-corap-making two-fog-simple-knit-corap-make-sema


Grey knit with a string.

1) 32 stitches begin. 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted along 2 rows.

Blue knit is knitted.

2) 4 rows of knit knit.

3) 2 rows of grey rubber, 4 rows of blue rubber knitted.

4) 8 rows of gray rubber knitted.

5) 6 rows of knitting are knitted.

6) EIGHT loops are minimize from the start and the tip, SIXTEEN loops remain within the middle.


7) 22 rows of knit knit.

Blue knit with rope.

two-fog-easy-knit-corap-making -fog-simple-knitting-corap-making-2

EIGHT) In each row, one stitch is lower from the edges till there are 10 stitches within the heart.


9) Greater from the edges in each row after 10 loops stay.

When reaching SIXTEEN stitches, gray thread is started.

10) 28 rows of harosa knitting.

Blue colour is knitted with rope.

11) A sew is lower from the perimeters until 10 loops remain in the center in each row.

12) is higher from the sides in each and every row after 10 loops remain.

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