Making Vest with Rolling Pin

Hi pals!

We Will use fascinating strategies from time to time to knit.

As Of Late we can knit a vest the use of a rolling pin.

How about knitting this pretty vest together ?


2 or THREE Kartopu Baby One hand knitting threads 2 mm crochet hook or rolling pin thickness



Each And Every we want to drag EIGHT chains for a form. i exploit 10 shapes.

1) We draw 82 chains. the explanation we pull +2 chains is that we can use it when becoming a member of.

2) We make EIGHTY TWO pins on the chains.

rolling pin- vest-construction-1
rolling pin-vest-construction-1

3) We go back and then thread the individual hose.

rolling pin-vest-making-2
rolling pin-vest-making-2

4) After passing the thread through the entire widespread needles, let’s get rid of the thread from the hose.

rolling pin-vest-making-3
rolling pin-vest-making-3

Meanwhile, the curl of your knit do not scare you to stay wrinkled.

5) After putting off the loops from the hose, we first take one and make a needle continuously as in the determine. you’ll be able to simply consider what I imply by way of looking at the photographs.

rolling pin-vest-making-5

rolling pin-vest-making-5

rolling pin-vest-making-6
rolling pin-vest-making-6
rolling pin-vest -made-7

rolling pin-vest-build-7

rolling pin-vest-making-8

rolling pin-vest-making-8

6) Now it is time to make our shape.

We move 8 threads to our crochet. rolling pin-vest-making-9
rolling pin-vest-making-9

7) Then we pass 4 out of the other 4.

rolling pin-vest-construction-10
rolling pin-vest-making-10

8) Now, we want to needle all of them one by one.

rolling pin-vest-making-1 1

rolling pin-vest-construction-11

rolling pin-vest-construction-12

rolling pin-vest-construction-12

9) After doing this order, we move the rope to our hose once more within the subsequent row and repeat the same procedure.

10)  We knit 18 rows by repeating the same process.

11) 19.

We knit directly in order. We wish to get 9 shapes.

13) 21. WE’RE making every other reduction so as.

14) 22. We make FIVE shapes in a row and depart three blank.

15) We make FIVE shapes over 7 rows and we’re completed.

16) we do the other entrance phase within the comparable approach. the one difference is that once declining, we want to do it from the very finish, no longer the first. you will remember what I mean while you have already finished the primary part.


1) We wish to start with 162 chains whilst doing the back.

2) 22 rows knitting with out lowering or increasing throughout.

3) 23. WHEN WE are available in line, we make needles on most sensible of three shapes.

FOUR) Then we continue knitting and we arise to the remaining THREE shapes. We leave the remaining 3 shapes without making and move to the following row. We knit 14 shapes in 7 rows.

Becoming A Member Of

Don’t Forget to iron before joining.

1) The Usage Of single ropes on the edges we mix with spider shape.

rolling pin-vest-making-16 rolling pin-vest-making-16

2) After becoming a member of your mane, you’ll be able to come around with common needles and make tiny eyelash shapes.

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