Making Watermelon Coin Wallet

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Lately we will knit together a coin handbag.

it is really easy to make that you simply can end it in a few hours and start the usage of it.

Allow me visit my recipe.


Green, white, red colored cotton threads13-14 cm long inexperienced zipper. 2 mm crochet needle-black stitching thread Black bead

the way to make

1) We take the zipper and the fairway thread. With the help of crochet we make FORTY EIGHT frequent needles at the zipper. 24 on the front and 24 on the again.

2 ) We make 1 common needle on top of every needle, that is, we make 48 overall needles in total.

3-4) Again, 1 needle on each and every widespread needle We make a total of FORTY EIGHT widespread needles.

White colour rope we pass.

5-6) Again we make one needle on each frequent needle, we make a total of FORTY EIGHT widespread needles.

Pink we transfer to paint rope.

7) We make 20 needles, 1 drop, 22 needles, 1 drop, 2 needles.

< strong> 8) We make 20 needles, 1 drop, 20 needles, 1 drop.

9) 19 needles, 1 drop, 19 needles, We make 1 subtraction.

10) We make 18 frequent needles, 1 subtraction, 18 common needles, 1 subtraction.

in this approach, we subtract one on each side. This process maintains until there are 5 needles left each time.

11) Then the remaining loops are lowered through two and the thread is reduce through leaving it just a little longer. The string is inserted into the needle and the gap within the heart is contracted with the needle.

12) Black beads are processed on the entrance of the wallet by placing a black thread into the needle.

Our pockets is over. Use it on excellent days.

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