Making Weft with False Thessaloniki Braid

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One In All the accessories we need probably the most nowadays while the weather begins to cool. With its plump stance and straightforward knitting, I prepared a weft recipe in the false Thessaloniki style. Delightful knits…


3-FOUR ball Snowball Elite skewers suitable together with your rope of wool

methods to make

1) We Commence with 40 loops.

2) We knit 1 inverted and 1 flat in a row.

3) From the second one row, we commence to apply our fashion. Reverse loops are knitted reversely. Flat loops are knitted right beneath the knitting needle.

4) We knit the flat loops from the bottom slot, as within the image, until the weave is the dimensions you wish to have, and the reverse loops as commonplace opposite.


5) The Method is repeated in each order.

I knit 150 cm. you’ll be able to knit it to the length you need.

6) It’s hooked up to both ends of the weft by way of skipping and doubling the string for equivalent tassels of 30 cm length.

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