Mandala Patterned Summer Blouse Making

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We share a flashy vest recipe that you just can easily use in the spring and summer months! i’m hoping you like it. rope
Blue (2107S) colour yarn
Cream (2155S) colour ip3.FIVE mm crochet

the best way to make

Suitable for S / M dimension.


We knit with fuchsia color thread.

1) 1. We pull and fasten 10 chains in a row. We pull 4 chains and then we make 15 double rails throughout the ring. We pull 1 chain after every railing. (SIXTEEN)

We knit with Dark Green coloured thread.

2) 2. We draw 5 chains, 2 of that are for intermediate house. We follow the same step above, but this time we pull two chains into the blanks. (16)

We knit with smoked color thread.

3) 3. WE BEGIN with THREE chains in order. We knit double handrails on this complete row. We complete a complete of 64 double handrails, 1 of that is in the head of the handrail, and three interstices.

4)  Next we flip our motif into sq.. We pull 4 chains. Then we knit it below every spike. We make 2 triple handrails after FOUR chains. Then we make THREE double handrails, FOUR single handrails, 3 double handrails, 3 triple handrails and end one aspect. We pull 4 chains in combination. We repeat this procedure 3 extra instances. (SIXTY FOUR)

We knit with cream-coloured thread.

5) 5. WE COMMENCE through pulling 3 chains from the threshold of our sq.. Then we pull 1 handrail and 2 chains. you can use the picture under for this position. We pull four chains to every nook once more. (FORTY EIGHT)


mandala-motif-summer-vest- make-1

6) 6. Subsequent, we knit double handrails on top of the handrails and 2 double handrails in each area. We simplest make 1 handrail within the area right in the center of the brink. for those who take a look at the template above, you’ll be able to see higher.



mandala-motif-summer season-vest- making-2


1) We make 7 motifs in general and sign up for them via knitting or stitching needles frequently.


you can lengthen and shorten in keeping with your individual dimension.

We knit with cream-colored thread.

1) We draw SIXTY SIX chains from the top of the again motif for the hanger and sign up for them on the end of front motif. .

2) We complement it through knitting 1 row in the type of double handrails and 1 chain.

Part Body

We knit with Darkish Inexperienced colored thread. .

1) We cross around our vest through knitting unmarried / double handrails or widespread needles.

We knit with cream colored thread.

2) We continue in the type of 3 double handrails and a pair of chains to the lower portions where we will connect tassels, as a continuation of a row motif.

We knit with a fuchsia coloured thread.

3) We finish our vest after the intermediate transition series or by means of wearing the tassels right away.


mandala-motif-summer season-vest-construction-3


Well Being in your palms already!

Hope you may have a pleasant day.

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