Mickey Mouse Scarf and Beanie Team Making

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Today I Will Be Able To let you know an overly nice scarf beanie recipe for ladies. Let’s start now!


Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads
Powder Red (K699) color thread
Grey (K1432) color thread
White (K010) colour ip3 mm crochet4 mm skewer



We knit with powder red color thread.

1) Magic ring and we fill it with 12 handrails. We cross up with chains and increase the selection of handrails to 24 by means of double sinking to each handrail. /

3) We move up with chains and build up the selection of our handrails to FORTY EIGHT through 2 unmarried and 1 double sinking to the loops.

4) Two we pull the chain and move up and building up the number of handrails to 60 through losing 3 single and 1 pair of loops to 60.

6) We cross up with two chains and building up the collection of handrails to EIGHTY FOUR by way of shedding FIVE single and 1 double to loops.

7)  We increase our handrail quantity to 96 by going up with chains and 6 unmarried and 1 pair of stitches to the loops.

8) By Way Of making 1 handrail to the loop, we knit THREE rows with a total of NINETY SIX handrails. In general, we knit 13 rows with pink thread.

We transfer to grey thread.

10) We knit EIGHT extra rows as NINETY EIGHT handrails without any build up. < /

11) We make 21 frequent needles by means of environment the beret frivolously over the ear. We lower one by way of one from the perimeters till there’s a unmarried needle. We follow the similar trail for the opposite ear section.

We knit with a red powder thread.

12) We make 12 handrails throughout the magic ring for Mickey Mouse ears. We knit 24 rows within the 2nd row, 36 in the 3rd row and 48 within the fourth row, knitting 2 round. We combine those two circles with a gray thread to assist the ears stand upright. We practice the similar path for the other ear and stitch it on the beret.

13) We draw 27 chains for the bow and make 24 handrails on it. 10 rows of handrails will be sufficient. We wrap the rope in the middle and give it a bow form and connect it to our beret.

14) We fill and create white speckles in magic earrings by means of 12 handrails. We get crochet on the forehead and ear part of the beret. at the finish of the triangular parts, we make a lacing with a rope or a ribbon and finish the cap.


We knit with a gray thread.

1) We Start by throwing 36 loops of 4 mm bottle. We knit 1 opposite and 1 flat rubber weave up to 20-25 rows.

We transfer to the powder crimson colour.

2) We knit until we succeed in the desired duration.

3) We knit the grey section in the similar means on the other end.

4) We knit SIXTEEN stitches for the bow in our scarf. . When it comes to a enough duration, we supply the shape of bow through wrapping a rope in the heart. We restoration it at the scarf. We stitch some white spots on it.

mickey -mouse-weft-and-beret-team-making

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