Mini Child Skirt Making

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We introduced you a adorable baby skirt.

Let’s start this kid skirt, that you can easily knit!


YarnArt Wool Purple (303) colour knitting yarn3 mm knitting2 mm crochet


1) 82 loops are started.

2-SEVENTY FIVE) < / strong> 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted.

SEVENTY SIX) Bag rubber knitting is started. So opposite loops are knitted, straight loops are taken without knitting. 6-7 rows are knitted through repeating this manner in every row, then all loops are lower and completed.

In this way, 2 items are knitted and sewn from the perimeters, leaving a slit.

mini-child-skirt-making-1 mini-kid-skirt-making-1

Flowers (2 items)

< strong> 1) Knitting starts through pulling 6 chains from the interior flower.

2) The loop is wrapped by means of looping the first chain. 3 chains are drawn into the ring and 1 triple handrail is made and 3 chains are sunk into the ring again. In this fashion, FOUR leaves are made.

3) For the outer flower motif, 7 chains are drawn from the again of the flower from the again of the flower and stuck with the needle at the end of the first leaf. Again, 7 chains are drawn, and so they are fastened with needles on the end of the second one leaf. all of the leaves are finished in this manner.

FOUR) After All, THREE chains are drawn and the chain areas are filled with triple handrails.

you’ll plant the flowers at the ends of the slits. < / mini-child-skirt-making-2 mini-kid-skirt-making-2

Health for your hand!

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