Model Cardigan Making

With simple knitting fashions, you can make yourself trendy and beautiful cardigans and sweaters.

you’ll spend the iciness heat with colourful knitted cardigans.


FOUR Snowball Cotton Mix Mildew Green (2124S) color ip5 mm 100 cm line skewer FIVE mm FORTY cm line skewer FIVE mm FIVE-pack skewer



* for measurement 34-36 is suitable.

* ONE HUNDRED cm trimmed skewer is used.

1) It starts with 22 stitches.

2) Style setup: FOUR loop double brass braid, 2 opposite, 4 flat, 2 opposite, 4 flat, 2 reverse, 4 loop double brass braid .

Click On to look at the rice weave development with video narration.

* Flat weaves are twisted.

* 12 rows of this pattern are knitted.

3) For the collar; Greater from the inside of the collar within the form of 1,2,3. (28 stitches will likely be.)

4) From the augmented order, there will be

(There will probably be 24 rows in general. ) 6 instantly knitwear alongside 2 rows, 6 back knit alongside 2 rows knit in this order without any increment, no reduction.


FIVE) Increases as 1,2,THREE. (34 stitches might be.)

* Increments will likely be double brass knitting.

With the again of the armpit knit.

6) The Front faces (proper and left) are according to Style 34 loops. (34 right, 34 left) (2d item is made for the fashion).

7) 6 rows of knitwear.


8) NINE rows of 2 reverse, 2 flat tires are knitted. (The tire development at the collar continues in the related approach)

9) 6 rows of knitting and knitting are completed.


* 40 cm line skewer is used.

1) FIFTY TWO loops from the forty second row from the shoulder to the armpit are removed.

2) 19 loops double brass braid, 2 opposite, 4 immediately, 2 opposite, FOUR directly, 2 reverse, 19 loops double brass braid is made.

* Flat braids are twisted.

* A HUNDRED AND TEN rows are knitted in this approach.

3) It’s reduced to 38 stitches within the form of 1 knit, 1 reduce.

model cardigan recipe

4) 4 rows of knitting with knitting socks

5) EIGHT rows, 2 opposite, 2 flat tires are made.

6) 4 rows are knitted, lower and completed.

* 4 rows of insides are made at the facets of the collar and entrance.

hi there use.

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