Model Carrycot / Sleeping Bag Making

Would Not you like to raise your young children in sound asleep bags you knit yourself?

your children will sleep peacefully with this slumbering bag that you simply can easily knit. > FIVE pieces Snowball No: 1 Powder (K258) colour ip5 mm skewer French Lace Button


Dimensions are appropriate for 3-6 months.

1) We Start our knitting with 80 loops.

2) We knit all loops till we now have FOUR tooth as a knit.

THREE) 10 loops on the sides will continue inside the knitting as a pat at the move. We knit the remaining 60 loops as 10 loops selanik, 10 loops opposite, 10 loops selanik, 10 loops reverse, 10 loops selanik, 10 loops inverted.

FOUR) 10 rows this After knitting within the related approach, we knit the top of the knitted loops in reverse, and the highest of the again knit in loops 10 occasions in Thessaloniki.

FIVE) 7 enamel in all sides, together with the 3rd teeth within the harosha we open a buttonhole.

6) < / strong> After having 26 bins, we knit all of the loops with 4 enamel haroşa and end the knitting.

7) We stitch the ends in combination by sewing and making the hood.

EIGHT) We fold the braid and sew the buttons in keeping with the buttonhole places.

We embellish the tip with French lace.

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hi there. Keep wholesome!

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