Mother – Child Socks Team Making

Are you ready to knit socks so that they can stay you and your family members heat through the cold winter months? to prepare for the warm winters, right away get started knitting our recipe.


Snowball Sock Yarn Sock Rope;
2 Ebruli (H2109) colour thread (1 for adult, 1 for kid) THREE mm socks skewers

Adult Sock


* Appropriate for quantity 37-38.

1) It starts with 60 loops.

2) 1 vial, 1 flat tire is knitted and every bottle is separated via 15 loops.

3) 24 rows of tires knit and go to straightforward weave.

4) NINETY SIX rows of flat weave are made.


1) At The 97th row, the loops on the needles are left, the loops on the different needles (30 loops) 18 rows knit flat.

2) Within The 19th row, 30 loops in the spit are divided through 3.

(on this approach, 1 loop is added to the 10 loops in the heart every time and the back of the heel is shaped. When 10 loops on the edges are knitted, the loop turns into 30 loops again.)

3) 18 rows of knitting NINE loops are far from the heel edges.

FOUR) 15 loops on the backside of the socks and 24 loops on the upper skewers. Knit 2 rows directly and begin to cut 9 loops introduced.

5) The loops at the bottom are knitted and switched to third sew. Knit 1 knitting, knitting 2 loops together, continue, knitting the loops in the 4th sew till THREE loops stay, knitting 2 loops in combination, knitting the ultimate loop until the total of 60 loops stay in the skewers and the heel is formed.

< strong> 6) 36 rows are persevered directly.

7) The 37th row starts reducing by the little finger.

8) 2 stitches are reduce and knit the last stitch within the closing THREE stitches of the loops within the decrease proper hem.

9) 6 rows within the form of knitting 1 loop, knitting 2 loops together when the other bottle passes continue.

10) In The 7th row, it is began to be cut by means of the thumb in the similar means.

11) For Twenty-Four knots, 6 The reducing process keeps until there may be a loop left.

12) 12 upper and 12 lower stitches are accrued and stitched with a needle.

Children’s Socks


* Suitable for 4-5 years vintage.

1) Start with 44 stitches.

2) Loops are divided into skewers as ELEVEN-11-ELEVEN-ELEVEN.

THREE) 20 rows of rubber, SEVENTY FIVE rows of flat knitting knit.


1) With Out knitting the loops in two skewers, 14 loops are knit flat with 22 loops in the opposite two skewers.

2) The heel is separated into 7-8-7, 7 ‘at the sides. The knit loop is knitted 1 in 1, as in huge socks.

3) 2 rows are knit flat, and 7 loops are removed from the sides.

22 rows of knit straight and begin cutting via little finger. 3 rows of cuts, and the fourth row is cut by way of thumb, knitting and finishing till a complete of 16 loops stay. sturdy> we want you a nice iciness. .
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