Motif Easy Baby Cardigan Making

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We introduced you a very chic and very trendy baby cardigan. Materials 2 items YarnArt Denims Plus Petroleum Green (SIXTY THREE) color hand knitting yarn4 items pearl button3.FIVE mm line skewers


Sizes are appropriate for 1 year old.

1. Let’s throw EIGHTY FOUR loops in our bottle and knit FIVE rows of simple weave. Let’s make 1 knit in front, 1 reduce. Let’s knit FIVE rows once more flat and make layers.

2. Let’s combine loops by means of taking out loops from the primary loops we started.

THREE. Now let’s distinguish the yoke. Let’s knit with 15 loops on the front, 10 loops on the hands, 22 loops at the back, THREE loops to increase.

4. Let’s make a buttonhole after making the first separation, and 12 more teeth during the harosha we will make the opening and open a complete of four buttonholes.

FIVE. Let’s build up our augmentation secretly and increase it ahead of and after THREE stitches. Let’s increase 18 on this method.

6. Our Roba section has been completed. Let’s knit the hands and knit harosha until the period from the shoulder to the wrist is 30 cm. we will also knit the double rubber part we made on the sleeves to the hands and the final finish of the frame.

7. After completing the opposite arm on this way, let’s knit the frame. Let’s knit harosha until the body duration is 21 cm under the arm.

Our vest is finished. Let’s whole the planting of the sleeves and supplement the motif that the woman needed, and appreciated it. Let’s sew the most recent buttons.

Make it simple for everyone to learn.

motif-easy-baby- hirkasi-yapimi-1 motif-easy-child-hirkasi-yapimi-1

Health to your hand!

Hanim Dilendi Bey Begendi How You Can make a motif?

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