Mrs. Dilendi Bey Begendi Making Pillow Cases

Hi everybody!

As Of Late we are knitting a pillow quilt with the motif of Mrs. Dilendi Bey Begendi, a motif we are all conversant in.

Prepare for spring with this colourful and sentimental pillow!

Let’s get started if you’re in a position!


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
2 White (K010) color thread
2 Blue (K544) color thread < br /> 1 Pistachio Green (K1390) color ip3 mm crochet

Learn How To Make

Woman Dilendi Bey Preferred Motif The Right Way To?

White colour rope We knit with.

1) We Start via growing jewelry with 10 chains. We entire the collection by making 3 double handrails, THREE chains, THREE double handrails, THREE chains, THREE double handrails, THREE chains, THREE double handrails and 3 chains into the hoop. So we get 4 packing containers.

2) We cross up with THREE chains and make 3 handrails, THREE chains, 3 handrails in every slot, that may be, the nook.

3) Meanwhile, we make 3 handrails, THREE chains, 3 handrails on the corners. We entire the order through making 3 double handrails to the nests in among.

Our chains in among should always be 3 chains.

FOUR) This Way FOUR rows of white, 2 rows we knit with green, 2 rows of blue colour rope.

lady-beggar-bey-begendi-motif-pillow-cover-construction-1 lady-begged-bey-begendi-motif-yastik-kilifi-yapimi-1

5) We make FOUR extra motifs in the similar order and add them in combination.

lady-beggar-bey-begendi-motif-pillow-cover-construction-2 girl-beggar-bey-begendi -motifl the-pillow-duvet-do imi-2

6) We create slots via pulling 10-12 chains in keeping with the frequency of our hand.

lady-dilendi-bey -like-motif-pillow-cover-construction-3 girl-begged-bey-like-trend-pillow-duvet-development-THREE

7) You Can do merge by knitting or stitching.

lady-beggar-bey-begendi-motif-pillow-cover-construction-4 lady-beggar-bey-begendi-patterned-pillow-quilt-development-4

You’ll knit one or two extra or less in keeping with the scale of the pillow you’ve gotten. I knit an eye fixed decision and placed a canopy in it.

lady-beg-bey-begendi-motif-pillow-cover-construction-5 lady-beggar-bey-begendi-motif-pillow-cover-building-FIVE

I want everybody comfort!

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