Mug-Cup Case Making

Mug-Cup Case Making
Mug-Cup Case Making


Yarn and skewer compatible along with your preferred color


44 loops are began.

If we take the primary loops with out knitting the perimeters of our knitting it will be more easy.

1st position 2 inverted, EIGHT straight, 3 inverted, 2 straight, THREE inverted, EIGHT directly, 3 inverted, 2 directly, THREE inverted, EIGHT immediately, 2 inverted.

second position Knit in 2 immediately, EIGHT inverted, 3 directly, 2 inverted, THREE straight, EIGHT inverted, 3 directly, 2 inverted, 3 directly, 8 inverted, 2 directly.

THREE In Order. Meanwhile, we do the twisting procedure. We take the primary FOUR loops of 8 flat knit parts into our auxiliary knitting apparatus and wait. We knit the 4 closing loops at the finish and knit our loops within the auxiliary equipment. (for those who do not have an auxiliary knitting apparatus, you can use a toothpick or different skewer.) We do that only on 8 immediately sections. We knit different loops as they arrive. In different phrases, we knit the opposite loop in reverse, and the flat loop in simple. The bursting procedure is repeated with THREE-4 periods.

When it involves the size we would like, it is cut. it is doubled and sewn from the places proven in the image (bottom and most sensible). The Gap left will be the care for of our cup.

we will lengthen our knitting in keeping with you can adjust the width by expanding or decreasing the selection of stitches. the point you need to concentrate to is that the selection of stitches should always be unusual.

I desire everybody to do it …

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