Multipurpose Cover Making with Kesekeker Model

Hello knitting enthusiasts 🙂

Are you stuck within the headgear? 🙂 I appear to listen how you say multi-purpose. 🙂 Permit me inform you.

Whether Or Not you’ll duvet the whole lot within the kitchen or within the living room we will knit a classy cover.

Allow’s get started!


6 items of Snowball Baby One Honey Foam (K1837) color ip6 mm skewer4 mm crochet

how you can make

1) We Begin our knitting with ONE HUNDRED loops.

2) 5 loops reverse, 5 loops directly, 5 reverse, FIVE instantly, We arrange our type with 20 packing containers, such as 5 inverted, 5 directly….

THREE) We knit the bottom the other way up, and flat lay out around the complete weave.

4) After knitting for 7 rows, we create teams of five with reverse stitches at the directly loops and straight at the opposite loops, and knit 7 rows once more.

FIVE) On This way, we continue to knit and knit a loop in 7 rows.

6) When We reach the duration we wish, we end our knitting. (I knit 19 boxes.)

7) Then THREE triple handrails with crochet for the threshold, pull 2 ​​chains, skip 2 loops, then 3 triple handrails, 2 chains pull, skip 2 stitches…. We knit 1 row as a… . We knit THREE rows like this. After making the handrail, we pull 2 ​​chains and fix it to the handrail. We pull 2 ​​chains and make triple handrails in the related hollow once more. We pull 2 ​​chains and fix them to the handrail. On This way, we make 4 handrails inside of a hollow.

10) After pulling 4 chains and sinking it to the next hollow, we pull 4 chains and repeat the 9th step. this is how we knit the whole atmosphere. >











Simple to come 🙂

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