Mushroom Brooch Making

Hi everybody

Mushroom season is right here! How approximately you knit this pretty brooch right now?

Come on, let’s get started!


Snowball Child Herbal rope;
1 Red (K125) color rope
1 piece White (K010) color rope
1 piece Yellow (K331) colour rope
1 piece Red (K782) color ip2.5 mm crochet needle Needle


X: Common needle

V: Build Up

A: Decrease



We Start with the crimson color string.

1) 6x in the magic ring

2) (v) repeat 6 occasions: 12

3) (1x, v) repeat 6 times: 18

4) (2x, v) 6 times repeat: 24

5-6) 24x

Purple we cross with color rope.

7-8) 24x

We go with yellow color rope.

9) 24x

Placed the yellow thread at the needle and process the spots at the cork.



We Start with white colour string. ) 6x

2) (v) 6 occasions within the magic ring: 12

3) ( 1x, v) 6 repetitions: 18

4-6) 18x

7) (1x, a) 6 repeat instances: 12

8-11) 12x

Then we stitch the take care of to the pinnacle and close it.


Do Not put out of your mind to stitch the brooch pin

Use on beautiful days !

Well Being on your hand

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