Nazar Beaded Baby Vest Making

Howdy !

We designed a very cute evil eye beaded baby vest for you so that your beautiful babies never touched!

Let’s get started knitting this gorgeous vest right away!


Snowball Baby One knitting threads;
Snow White (K010) color thread
Violet Blue (K1624) colour thread
Mild Yellow (K331) colour thread
Black (K940) color ip3.FIVE mm trimmed skewer FOUR buttons

the right way to make

Let’s knit with snow white color rope.

Let’s start our vest from yoke.

1) Let’s throw EIGHTY FOUR traces of flask and knit FOUR teeth of harosha. Let’s make the primary buttonhole process.

Our fashion contains harosa knitting, however we can make a flat knitting between the rise within the yoke part.

2) Then let’s make the separations. Let’s cut up it into 13 front + 1 + 14 arms + 1 + 26 rear + 1 + 14 arms + 1 + THIRTEEN entrance.

3) Knit THIRTEEN loops, then to increase let’s wrap once in keeping with spit, let’s knit flat. Let’s pass round again, knit 14 loops of knitting.

FOUR) Let’s building up like a fan in this manner. Let’s make openings 4 times openwork. Let’s do the beginning of the other fan spice up and in this method let’s get to the arm length. Let’s repeat this procedure 5 times.

FIVE) Then let’s do other buttonholes even as doing the arm minimize. Let’s make buttonholes at equivalent intervals.

6) Let’s knit our vest as a harosa and stitch the buttons.

Evil Eye Bead

Black color Let’s knit with rope.

1) Let’s weave 12 handrails into the magic ring.

Let’s knit with a light yellow colored thread.

2) Let’s stick double loops on each and every loop and knit 24 handrails.

Let’s knit with a snow white colour thread.

3) 1 single, 1 double Let’s weave 36 handrails by means of sinking.

Let’s knit with violet blue color thread.

FOUR) Let’s make 2 unmarried, 1 double and break our thread.

< Let's stitch to our vest.

Our vest is complete!

evil-beaded-baby-vest- evil eye-beaded-child-vest-making
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