Nostalgia Grandma Work Knit Beanie Making

Hello dear knitting fanatics,

i’d love to share my first product with the enjoyment of becoming a member of you.

it’s very cold. So how do we protect ourselves, our kids, our loved ones in those chilly weather? after all, with the knitting work we do. Now I Will Be Able To proportion such a beret with you that this beret took me to my youth, the handicrafts my grandmother made. here is the development of the beret, that is just a little nostalgic.


Los Angeles Mia Wool Easy rope;
1 White (L001) color rope
1 Navy Blue (L202) color ip5 mm sheared needle


We Begin with a navy blue colour thread.

First of all, I knit seamlessly with a sheathed spit, you’ll knit it with a typical spit.

1. We knit with 90 loops and knit 2 opposite and a pair of flat tires. The tire can be any period you wish to have, I knit FORTY rows of rubber knit to double.

2. We knit 3 rows of flat knitting after the tire is completed and build up the loop whilst knitting flat. I higher 30 loops.

3. Then we start building the style with the template.

Crosses are knitted with a white thread.

nostalgia-grandma-heat-knit-beanie-making-1 nostalgia-grandma-heat-knit-beanie-making-1

4. AFTER WE visit white at the finish of the model, we knit EIGHT darkish blue, 1 white and then knit white consistent with the duration you want. I knit FIVE rows.

5. in the course of the remaining FOUR of our knitting, we knit and knit 2 loops 1 loop, then we knit 1 loop flat. We repeat this process THREE more occasions. in the final row, we knit a flat needle with a thick needle, thread it in the course of the loops and agreement it, and our cap is ok.

nostalgia-grandmother-knitting-beanie-making-2 nostalgia-grandmother-isi-organ-beret-yapimi-2

If you want, you’ll upload a pompom.

Simple to come, guys.

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