Nostalgic Sunday Net Making


For a protracted time, i would say that i’ve a writing on this superb platform, too.

As you know, essentially the most talked and discussed topic of new days is the bag, and that i came with my file description

only a chain knitting development that anybody can simply do in a few hours!

Allow everybody who will do it easy🧶


1 ball Apple Cotton rope (Other cotton You Can additionally use threads or macrame threads.) 3.5 mm crochet


1) Pull 10 chains and create a ring.

2 ) Pull 20 chains and connect them within the ring. Fill the hoop you created with SIXTEEN chains of 20 items.

3) Our braid has taken the form of a daisy. Now we pull 10-12 chains and connect them on the slot next to it, and again we pull 12 chains to the following slot. this is how we entire the series. Thus, our internet grows spirally. We repeat the similar procedure till the paint you wish to have.


<While our bag comes with the paint we want, we make the handles by pulling the chain once more.

1) We Now Have SIXTEEN slots and as you’ll be able to see in the 6th photo, pull a sequence of any duration on any slot (I pulled FORTY FIVE) , we skip slots and fix them to fit 3. (I repeat this 4 occasions) Then we fill those chains with pins steadily.

2) Skip four slots While it involves the fifth slot, we pull FORTY FIVE chains and repeat the same procedure.

And our marketplace internet is about!

Nostalgic Sunday Net Making

Nostalgic Sunday Net Making

Just Right well being!

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