Openwork Model Baby Bag Making

Your babies are more trendy with knitted overalls!

With colourful and fast knitted overalls, you’re going to both give protection to your baby from cold and catch magnificence with knitting.


2 items Los Angeles Mia Child Cotton Gray (L031) color ip4 mm knitting needle 5 buttons


* Appropriate for 3-6 months antique babies.

The jumpsuit is knitted in 2 items.

Front Side

Begins from the bottom.

1) Starts with 22 loops.

2) FIVE tooth are knitted. (While 2 tooth are broken, 3 buttonholes are opened for the button.)

3) Straight knitting is finished for 4 rows.

4) < / strong> A Rise is made on each side from every row until 34 stitches are used for 19 rows.

5) twenty ninth openwork begins. For the openwork, the primary loop is taken with out knitting, knitting 1 loop, knitting the 3 loops together and repeating. Openwork happens. 26 loops are knit flat. The collection is finished by knitting 1 openwork and 1 flat once more.

6) On The 30th row, 1 loop is greater from the edges on the back of the braid and the again knit is always knitted.

7) Openworks are repeated each and every 3 rows.

EIGHT) 1 increment is produced from the perimeters till 10 loops in overall are straight.

< 9) Continue the pattern in order that 10 loops are immediately along the sides for 25 rows.

10) A COMPLETE of 10 openings happen within the frame.

ELEVEN) 1 opposite for 12 rows, 1 knit flat formed tire.

12) After making the tire, 12 loops are cut on all sides.

13) 12 loops are minimize then in flip for 16 rows 7 harosha, 20 flat, 7 haroha knitting is finished.

14) After 16 rows, 7 harosha, 1 openwork, 2 openworks are placed within the form of FOUR openworks and seven harosha are made. 1 row is finished.

15) After a total of 2 rows of openwork is positioned within the same approach, FIVE rows of knitting are knitted. (2 buttonholes are opened for the button place within the third row of the Hahasha.)

Back Side

1) The again side is knitted in the comparable means as the primary 12 steps of the front face.

2) After making the tire, 12 stitches are reduce from the edges and FIVE stitches with 32 stitches in the heart.

THREE) After FIVE rows of stitches, the stitches are divided into 2 with 16-SIXTEEN.

4) EIGHT stitches from the interior of SIXTEEN stitches 1 loop is lowered till ultimate unjust.

FIVE) 24 s ra 8 more stitches are knitted and the hangers are completed.

< strong> Have a nice day.

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