Owl Beanie Making


Lately, we will be able to knit owl berets for our most respected. in case you want to provide this beautiful beret for your kids, you’ll sign up for us!

we begin knitting straight away!


Gazzal Natural Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
Orange (438) colour thread
Gray (435) color yarn
White (415) color yarn
Black (430) color yarn
Yellow (420) color ip3.5 mm crochet


Dimensions THREE-4 It’s appropriate for age.

we can knit 2 handrails within the related nest the place I name couple.


Let’s start with orange thread.

1) Let’s make 14 double handrails to the magic ring.


2) Double to every slot Let’s sink t.

3) Let’s make 1 single and 1 double handrail to the stitches in order.

4) 2 single to the stitches so as, Let’s make 1 pair of handrails.

5) Let’s make THREE single and 1 double handrails in order for loops.

6) 4 so as for loops. Let’s make single, 1 double handrails.

7) Let’s make 5 single and 1 double handrails in collection.

8-14) Increment Let’s knit 1 double railing to every loop without making it.

Let’s transfer to gray colour.

15-20) Let’s proceed to knit 1 double railing to every loop.

21) 1 row of single handrails (with a string on top of it and pulling all the loops formed) Let’s finish p.

We knit the beret as a total of 20 handrails and 1 fastening needle row.


Let’s knit with a gray thread.

1) Let’s leap 16 frequent needles to the left from where we finished and let’s weave 19 frequent needles from the 17th, draw 1 chain and return, soar 1 frequent needle and knit 18 frequent needles, pull 1 chain back Let’s turn, skip 1 and knit 17 needles.

Let’s knit 19 common needles from the sew and do the similar to the other ear.


3) When the ears are completed, we will be able to tie the rope once more from the back to the again and tighten the circumference of the beret like within the figure. Let’s go back.

owl-beanie-making -5
owl-beanie-making -6

Eyes (2 items)

Let’s start with black thread.

1) Let’s knit 6 needles into the magic ring. (6)

2) Let’s double sink into every slot.


4) Let’s knit 2 single and 1 double needle in order. (24)

5) Let’s knit 3 single and 1 double needle so as. (30)

Let’s knit with a grey thread.

6) Let’s knit 4 unmarried and 1 double needle in order. (36)

7) Let’s knit 5 unmarried and 1 double needle in order. (42)

Let’s knit with white thread.

8) Let’s knit 6 unmarried and 1 double needle so as. (FORTY EIGHT)

9) Let’s knit 7 unmarried and 1 double needle in order. (FIFTY FOUR)

10-11) Let’s flip every slot with a needle and cut the rope lengthy.


Let’s knit it with a white color thread. > 2) Let’s double sink in every slot and permit the rope be lengthy and cut.

Small (2 items)

1) 6 frequent needles in the magic ring Let’s make it end.

Let’s positioned one large and one small on the black a part of the eye.

baykus-bere- make-7

Let’s positioned the eyes at the hat.


Let’s knit with a yellow rope.

1) Take 10 chains.

2) 2.

Let’s proceed till 1 closing stitch is left on this manner.

3) While completed, 1 or 2 rows with widespread needle Let’s cross. If the size is sufficient, it’s going to be enough to turn 1 row. Let’s go away the rope lengthy and sew the nose in the middle of the eyes.

we are ready!

in the event you want, you’ll make a cord and sew it to the end of the ears or take a loop from the remaining part of the ear 3 You’ll Be Able To also make laces through doing this. Good good fortune to these who will knit owl berets.

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