Panda Beanie Making


4.FIVE mm spitCarrot Gonca
1 Piece Gray (K1001)
1 Piece White (K010)
1 Piece Black (K940)


My measurement is for adult beanie. you’ll be able to adapt it on your youngsters by way of twiddling with the yarn thickness and the number of skewers. We knit FIVE rows instantly. after which we go to the panda. 1 panda includes 15 stitches. So we repeat the next scheme in 15 loops. Considering we knit our knitting with common knitting, not the line, we follow the scheme whilst knitting each front row and the back row. Whilst the panda is finished, we knit 2 rows instantly as within the scheme and turn to the scraps. you can knit within the color you wish to have, I selected to use black. We entire the patches by following NINE rows of schemes. The scheme is completed in 29 rows in overall.

Panda Beanie Making

Panda Beanie Making

The diagram at the proper is the diagram that shows how we should always cut the highest. First we minimize considered one of the EIGHT loops at the face of our braid, we turn back through knitting the back without reducing. Then lower it in 7 stitches, turn the bottom over, then lower it in 6 stitches, flip the backside ahead, we proceed knitting in this way until we make 1 or 1 lower. And we gather the remaining loops from the top, we pucker, we do the facet seam.


Our beret is completed. If you want, you’ll be able to upload it to the top by way of making pompoms.

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