Paper Rope Straw Clutch Bag Making

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When the footsteps begin to be heard within the summer season, how about making a very simple-to-make, small and helpful bag when spring feels excellent to good? Let’s get started!


A HUNDRED AND FIFTY gr Loren Paper Beige (RH01) colour paper thread5 mm crochet30 cm zipper Lining fabric Colour ribbon Tassel

Methods To make

1. Pull 46 chains 2. We make needles incessantly from the chain.

2. We make 2 needles within the comparable hole within the chain FORTY FIVE and switch. Thus, we shape the bottom of the bag.

3. We make 45 needles. in the forty fifth hollow we make 2 needles within the similar slot and close the following hole.

4 . We move up by way of pulling 1 chain. Now we knit a widespread needle from the again lobe. Subsequent, we make the needle through sticking the thread in the hole underneath the spike model and pulling the rope long. in this way, we complete the order. We close with a loop slide. I implemented the straw type.

5 . We pull up a series and cross as much as the highest, and we take it from the again lobe and sink into the decrease hollow of the common needle, which we knit. within the widespread needle that we sink into the ground hole, we knit it from the back lobe.

you can see the appliance of the straw sample in a small trend within the image below.

Paper Rope Straw Clutch Bag Making

Paper Rope Straw Clutch Bag Making

6. We knit via making use of 14 rows of samples. We finish the 15th row with half a needle. you can continue knitting until you achieve the specified measurement.

7. Then we minimize the material in keeping with the inner measurement of the bag and sew the liner at the gadget. Sooner Than we positioned the lining into the bag, we position the zipper between the material and the bag.

8) We glue or stitch the coloured strip at the bag with silicone.

Paper Rope Straw Clutch Bag Making

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i might like to see your merchandise in the event you proportion your luggage on Instagram and tag my @rabbitalya account and hashtag with # Rabbitalyaçantaör.

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